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Party Booking

Pre-pay and scheduled party bookings are only available for groups of 25 guests or more. No reservations needed or taken if your party has less than 25 guests, or if you do not wish to have a pre-scheduled party. We are a first come first serve venue.

Time frames for party bookings in peak season (April thru October):

Start times
Friday: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 5:30pm
Saturday: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Sunday: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm
Weekday: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

Ending times
This may vary, most groups stay for about 2-4 hours.

Standard Rate:

The standard rate for large parties starts at $16.95 per guest, and can increase if a hot appetizer option is requested. For parties with over 50 guests, an extra staff/ clean-up fee of $50 for every 50 guests will be charged.

The standard rate of $16.95 per guest includes: tax, gratuity, 2 tacos per guest (a variety, including our famous Corona beer-battered fish tacos, swabbies original shredded beef, and shredded chicken tacos), chips & salsa bar, veggie & fruit platter.  A complimentary soda, tea, or bottled water for any guest who chooses a non-alcoholic option.

We serve buffet style so your guest can mingle and chose from the variety offered, this makes for a low stress and comfortable atmosphere. One or more designated party specialists will be caring for you and your guests for food service, non-alcoholic beverages, separate tabs for alcoholic beverages, etc.

Additional Information:

The quote for a standard party of 25 guests is $398.75. There is a $300.00 deposit to hold the date. This deposit applies to the total bill.

Prices may not be up-sold for charity or private organizations to make a profit. If donations are needed, please contact Michelle Barabino for available options.

We cannot guarantee weather as Swabbies is an outdoor venue. Please plan your event with weather in consideration. If weather fails us, we can reschedule your event to another date. (If we do not provide any service or food we can refund your $300.00 deposit.)

For staffing and ordering purposes, an exact head count will be needed the Monday before the event date.

We do encourage having a guest arrive early to decorate if desired.

For your convenience, a cake may be stored in our refrigerator.

For wine/champagne, a cork fee of $9.00 will be applied and must be poured by a server or bartender employed at Swabbies.

Please remind guests to carpool. We have limited parking in our lot, with a public boat launch lot next door that charges $5 to park.

For dates that have music events at Swabbies:

Prices quoted above do not include any band or the cover charges for the band. Please be aware of any cover charges that may incur during the chosen time frame. Due to contracts with the bands or their agents, Swabbies is not allowed to negotiate any cover charges.

All guests must purchase a wristband after the first set of music is performed. All Saturday and Sunday fees for music events will be in effect by 2pm. Please remind your guests that if they wish to stay for the show, they will be responsible for any cover charges. As a courtesy and a “thank you” for booking with us, Swabbies will provide 4 complimentary wristbands for your party.

Questions or inquiry:

Please email: [email protected]

Designated drivers or cab services are always recommended. Please drink responsibly.

Party Booking Request

Submission of your request is not a confirmation of booking. Please allow 72 hours for a reply to your request. If you need immediate assistance, please call Swabbies during normal business hours.